Assistance with Health Care of the Population
  • Major supply and distribution of impregnated mosquito nets.
  • Midwifery training – Rotary Vocational Training Team from Detriot, USA.
  • Maternal and Child Health training – Rotary Vocational training Team from Melbourne, Aust.
  • Major repairs to Dili Disabilities Centre, Becora, e.g. wheelchair basketball court.
  • Supply for a sterilizing oven to a Dili clinic.
  • Supply of specialist medical equipment to Dili Hospital as requested from time to time.
  • Supply of Nutritional advisory booklets, and instructional materials in the Tetun language, to assist mothers in combating Malnutrition by proving a balanced diet.
  • Supply of specialist medications as requested by doctors from time to time.
  • Supply of a number of basic motor bikes to assist rural midwives to attend to their duties.
  • ROMAC – Rotary Overseas Medical Aid of Children, for children up to 15 years of age providing surgery to correct life threatening medical problems, e.g. Hole in Heart, Cranial Facial surgery of various kinds, including Cleft palet. The child and an adult career are flown to a cooperating hospital in Australia, where the surgery is carried out; time is also given for post-operative recuperation – all free of charge to that family! Rotary handles about 20 of these cases each year, sometimes more!.