Development of Schools and Educational Assistance
  • Repair of badly damaged school rooves at Paiol, Dili; Maubisse, Ainaro.
  • Supply of school tables and chairs to a number of schools throughout Timor-Leste.
  • Building of additional classrooms at Balibar, Aileu; Maubisse area (several), Ainaro.
  • The establishment of properly equipped kindergartens in many locations both in Dili and rural areas.
  • Building toilet/hand washing blocks for schools that have no such facilities for their students.
  • Building and operation of a public library, especially for children, in Gleno, Ermera.
  • Virtual building of all classrooms and facilities for Sao Miguel College, Rai Kotu, Dili.
  • Construction of pedestrian suspension bridges, to assist communities in crossing fast flowing perennial steams, so far on Aileu and Manufahi District.
  • (District 9550 funding) Two young men as YEPs in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aug 2010 to Aug 2011.
  • (District 9550 funding) Preparation of a further two YEPs (probably two young ladies) to go to Brazil during the normal time-frame commencing February 2012.
  • MAC After School Youth Center funding through District 9550.