About Us

The Rotary Club of Dili had its beginnings in early July 2000, when The Rotary Club of Darwin (now our father Club) sent one of its members Mr. Ray Fauntleroy over to Dili to seek out interest in the formation of a club. Ray contacted Dr. Susan Griffiths, who was at the time the Counsel Medical at the Australian Mission in Dili, who was very keen to form a Rotary Club in honour of her father, a prominent Rotarian in Adelaide, S.A.. The first meeting of interested prospective members was conducted at The Hotel Dili on the night of 2nd July 2000. There were about 15 people present mainly from the NGO Timor Aid. There have been weekly meetings conducted since that night !. The Club soon swelled in interest and we moved around various small local restaurants looking for a suitable venue, i.e. meeting and dinner. Eventually it was decided that we would look for some air-conditioned location and the Hotel Turismo made a generous offer of their first floor meeting room at no charge.